Spring is here and there’s no better time of year in Perth to have a picnic! With so many picnic perfect spots within the estate, here’s our secret recipe for having a successful spring picnic with friends at The Brook at Byford.

1. A handful of hungry picnic-goers

Every spring picnic needs enough good food to cater for hungry picnic-goers! Check out these easy and healthy spring picnic snacks. There’s enough to satisfy even the fussiest eaters. Our personal favourites are the ones that put a spin on the classics we all know and love did someone say bacon and Sriracha potato salad?

2. A glass of your favourite beverage

There’s nothing better than washing down yummy food with a refreshing drink. Sure, water is fine (and healthy too), but if you want to take your spring picnic to the next level, try out these quick and easy, non-alcoholic drink recipes. Anyone fancy a lemon-basil mojito mocktail? Or maybe a refreshing watermelon lime slushie?

3. A sprinkle of comfy yet stylish accessories

Okay, you’ve got the food and drink for your picnic down pat – but what are you going to sit on? Most picnic venues will have basic tables and seating, but that’s boring. Why not take some cushions and blankets with you to spruce them up? Not only will you have the most stylish looking picnic at your park venue, you’ll also have the most comfortable! If you use your imagination, you’ll be sure to come up with plenty of other knick-knacks that can take to give your picnic the personal touch!

4. A dash of discovery

You need a location that offers the opportunity for discovery. The Brook at Byford was made for discovery. It has expansive parks and playgrounds (like the Pavilion Park or Nature Playground) that are just perfect for a spring picnic. You’ll find it in Dundatha Drive in Byford. It also has walking trails and a lookout. Head down today and start enjoying this gorgeous spring weather!

Adventure awaits at The Brook at Byford

From simply escaping into the Scarp for a morning walk to exploring the Brook, adventure awaits everyday right in your own backyard. Take advantage of the beautiful spring weather and share a picnic with your friends and neighbours at The Brook at Byford!