Discover everything you need right at your doorstep

It’s little wonder that families are flocking to Byford to snap up their piece of semi-rural paradise. The word is well and truly out about this charming gem of a place that has grown into an active and well-serviced town, while maintaining a distinct, warm and welcoming country vibe. Like any small town, many businesses in the area are locally owned and operated, with a down-to-earth attitude and friendly service that you may have become unaccustomed to living closer to the city.

The vibrant town centre is within walking distance from The Brook at Byford, so finding quality goods and services nearby will not be a problem. The Byford Town Centre is an established hub with shops, medical facilities and other essential services. There’s an IGA supermarket, Coles, Woolworths and other specialty stores within the revitalised precinct as well as fresh produce from local suppliers all over the region.