Discover the comfort of belonging

The Brook at Byford is a place where conversations that start over a shared barbecue at The Pavilion continue for the rest of your life. And where the act of just having a laugh together at the park turns into a forever friendship.

Byford is an established community that has an inimitable charm and a wide appeal. With a rich and diverse history, the community can be described as passionate, warm and welcoming, with all the facilities and activities you need to indulge your everyday urge to discover and do.

With everything from sporting groups, churches, schools, shopping facilities, and arts and culture groups, along with health and medical services – it won’t be long before you’re feeling right at home here.

Living here you’ll enjoy:

  • A convenient location with the Town Centre right on the doorstep
  • A welcoming community who are proud to call The Brook home
  • Freedom to explore the great outdoors including the scarp, a natural brook, walking trails and parks
  • Shared spaces like Pavilion Park to create memories with friends – old and new
  • A rich tapestry of history and heritage reflected in the character of the homes and the people that live here