Discover somewhere completely unique

Surrounded by shared spaces that create natural interactions, The Brook is a special pocket of Byford where a new discovery makes every day even better.

Located at the base of the Darling Scarp, just 33 kilometres south-east of the Perth CBD, The Brook offers the perfect balance of a tranquil, laid-back lifestyle surrounded by nature, while still being close to everything you need including the Byford town centre, schools, shopping centres, transport and medical and professional services.

It’s a place where conversations that start over a shared barbecue at The Pavilion continue for the rest of your life. Where simply escaping into The Scarp for a morning walk turns into an adventure by itself. And where the act of just having a laugh together at the park turns into a forever friendship.

There’s beautiful retained bushland and a natural brook to explore, all set against a picturesque hills backdrop.
There’s no doubt that The Brook is a beautiful place, but the real beauty you’ll discover is the sense of pride shared by the people who already call The Brook at Byford home.

Find out how you can be a part of something special in a welcoming community where you feel connected and right at home. 


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